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50 Litre Hoppy Pale Ale (Extract)

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5 years 4 months ago #1753 by Gash
50 Litre Hoppy Pale Ale (Extract) was created by Gash
I was asked to make a 50L version of my hoppy pale ale recipe, I also dropped the bitterness by request. The ingredients make look a bit odd, but I was using what was already owned by the brewer! Cheers!

2 Tins of Coopers Pale Ale
3kg of Light Dry Malt
1 Coopers BE2 (or Brigalow Extra Malt)
1 Coopers BE1
500g of Sugar

30g of Cascade 10mins
30g of Amarillo 10mins
40g Cascade 1min
40g Amarillo 1min

30g of Cascade Dry hop (optional)
30g Amarillo Dry hop (optional)

Bring 10 L of water to the boil, mix in 1 kg of Light Dry Malt.
Once boiling add 30g of Cascade and Amarillo, boil for 9mins
Then add 40g of Cascade and Amarillo, boil for 1 minute and turn off the heat.
Let steep for a few minutes
Add to the fermenter, strain the hops out.
Mix in the rest of the dry ingredients.
Top with water to 50L
Ferment at 18-20c with your preferred yeast, I suggest US05 x 2 packs.
Once ferment is nearly finished usually 10 days and the dry hops.
Test specific gravity 4 days after. If complete bottle/keg as usual!


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Gash - Tue 11 Aug - 23:34

Sometimes yes lol

Carrobrew's Avatar Carrobrew - Tue 11 Aug - 10:13

Does anyone else with the Inkbird 308 Wifi constantly check the temp on their phone? I can't help myself..

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Tue 21 Jul - 11:02

Richie we need to ask questions in a forum post so that Gash gets a heads up. I posted it in social chatter for you. Cheers mate. :)

richierichs3 - Mon 20 Jul - 10:43

Hey Gash have you tried Rover henty st Pale ale Im after a clone or something similar to brew. I love this beer.

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