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8 months 3 days ago #4379 by cliveinthemiddle
Replied by cliveinthemiddle on topic JEDI JUICE NEIPA
Thanks mate. The colour of the hazy beers that I’m trying to replicate (balter hazy is an example) are much lighter and almost yellow compared to my current version. Would the more golden colour come from the 100g of crystal? What if I left that out or substituted that for se wheat grain?

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7 months 3 weeks ago #4390 by joelthered
Replied by joelthered on topic JEDI JUICE NEIPA
Thanks for the recipes, these are great and very good approximations.

I did a 'lighter' version - in terms of abv and hops as I find with my current fermenter and bottling, they get oxidised easily with too many hops. The colour of the beer was bang on.

One thing I did notice is that in my reduction of hops, I may have used too much Nelson and buggered up the ratio (or not taken it into account at all). It is a very pungent hop. Overall the beer still tasted really good, just a bit sharp from the nelson.

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7 months 3 weeks ago #4391 by Gash
Replied by Gash on topic JEDI JUICE NEIPA
Yeah Im not a huge nelson fan to be honest, it can over power easily, make things taste like white wine. If you didnt see the video in my version I changed it, at the least the dry hops and added in Mosaic, so was 1/3 of each.
But as you say it might of been calculations too less booze, has to mean less hops, or can get unbalanced.
Also different batches of the hops can be very different. Its all a bit of a guessing game. Maybe give it some time to settle down?
Cheers mate

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Drunken Ramblings

Carrobrew's Avatar Carrobrew - Thu 17 Sep - 13:44


Gash - Tue 11 Aug - 23:34

Sometimes yes lol

Carrobrew's Avatar Carrobrew - Tue 11 Aug - 10:13

Does anyone else with the Inkbird 308 Wifi constantly check the temp on their phone? I can't help myself..

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Tue 21 Jul - 11:02

Richie we need to ask questions in a forum post so that Gash gets a heads up. I posted it in social chatter for you. Cheers mate. :)

richierichs3 - Mon 20 Jul - 10:43

Hey Gash have you tried Rover henty st Pale ale Im after a clone or something similar to brew. I love this beer.

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