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opinions please

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4 years 1 week ago #1428 by xenon
opinions please was created by xenon
Whats the difference between Pale Ales, IPA's and APA's. Whats better and why? Anyone with an opinion feel free to chime in! No rights or wrongs the style lines are so blurred. Whats important is whats the best. APA's can be Aussie Pale Ales, Aotearoa Pale Ales or American Pale Ales.

I'll go first APA's specifically Aotearoa Pale Ales. Cause I'm a kiwi but really cause its style of a style down here that I get to taste alot. The extra fruity nose and more intense flavour (sorry cant accurately describe it) but there is some malt going on in there that just adds another level of complexity. Favs are Tuatara APA, Epic Armaggedon, Liberty Yakima Monster, Pan Head Vandal. Brown Bear Racer5

I wanna hear so lets hear it :)

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4 years 1 week ago - 4 years 1 week ago #1430 by Gash
Replied by Gash on topic opinions please
I've always thought apa was American pale ale and that's it. Never heard of Aotearoa or Australian Pale Ales, although they are talking of an Australian Ale being added to the BJCP list, which I think would cover Coopers Sparkling and Coopers Pale Ale, it might also include the Aussie style Lagers/Bitters.

APAs are a more hoppier style of a regular Pale Ale. IPAs are stronger in Alcohol and hoppier. There are two basic types of IPA in my opinion the old English style which usually have a good malt backbone and a fair amount of hops, the US West Coast IPAs have much less of a malt backbone, some say none lol but are usually very hop forward.

I like many pale ales that are made in Australia but most are American Pale Ales just made here. I used to like Coopers Pale Ale but now I'm a hop head it just tastes like water, but it's one of the only I've had that I would I guess call an Australian Pale Ale as far as style, but maybe some call our US style Pale Ales Australian just because some use mainly Australian ingredients.

The Lines are very blurry at the moment in the beer world. Some times I like that idea, other times I like to think more traditionally. That's where home brewing comes into it's own, because it doesn't matter as long as it tastes good :D !!

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Drunken Ramblings

Gash - Sat 14 Jul - 21:42

ah well, seems Ive answered on one and Finroo on the other, no dramas, all good!

Cherry1's Avatar Cherry1 - Sat 14 Jul - 16:16

Managed to double post a topic, can you delete the second one Gash?Cheers Chris

bradobrew - Wed 20 Jun - 20:42

Thanks for the help gash. bradobeer, bradobrew its almost the same haha

Gash - Mon 18 Jun - 18:09

Sorry mate, missed this message! Hope everything is ok! Cheers

Finnroo - Tue 12 Jun - 17:32

Finn roo here, im g oing to take a monthoff social media because of my health issues.Cellar dweller is something i have come to enjoy just putting my 2 bobs worth in and enjoying it. Cheers Gash and thank you so much for everything see you in 4 weeks

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