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first brew

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1 year 4 months ago #1948 by sittingaround
sittingaround created the topic: first brew
Ok so i just finished my very first brew and i must say it was a great fun. i had just gotten the boiler into the ice bath when the bloody power went out ;) .

I had a few issues using my slow cooker as a mash tun as it would only get to around 65 in the centre but would almost be 73 around the outer edges.
My pre-fermentation reading was 1080 not sure if that's to high? temp of wort was about 25.

But i will say i wont be brewing in the unit again the wife has banned me from brewing inside... :whistle:


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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #1949 by Gash
Gash replied the topic: first brew
Sounded fun hahaha yeah i had to have the probe about an inch off the wall of the cooker give it a good mix at the start and when ever you feel the need. Should be fine. Sounds like a big one!
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Drunken Ramblings

Gash's Avatar Gash - Wed 7 Jun - 18:41

Cheers mate!

Hoppy81's Avatar Hoppy81 - Mon 5 Jun - 08:44

Hey Gash. Great video as always, keen to get my hands on this book so fingers crossed.

Gash's Avatar Gash - Sun 4 Jun - 17:28

I've done a Pacific Ale clone of Stone and Wood, the one that Wild Yak tried to copy if thats any good for you

Dan79's Avatar Dan79 - Sun 4 Jun - 14:15

Gday legends does anyone know where i could get a wild yak pacific ale clone recipe?? Cheers Dan...

Jehannum's Avatar Jehannum - Sat 3 Jun - 20:00

Howdy Gash. Thanks for fixing My account. Seems I stuffed up the email address when trying to join!

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