What's in Coopers brewing sugar products?


Coopers Light Dry Malt

100% light dry malt (500g)

Coopers Dextrose

100% dextrose (1kg)

Coopers Brewing Sugar

80% dextrose, 20% maltodextrin (800g/200g)


Coopers Brew Enhancer 1

60% dextrose, 40% maltodextrin (600g/400g)

Coopers Brew Enhancer 2

50% dextrose, 25% maltodextrin, 25% light dry malt (500g/250g/250g)

Coopers Brew Enhancer 3

50% Light Dry Malt, 30% Dextrose, 20% Maltodextrin (500g/300g/200g)

Any of the above products can be substituted with ingredients available at your local home brew shop (LHBS). For example if a recipe that you have done previously called for a package of Coopers Light Dry Malt 500g this could be replaced with 500g of any Light Dry Malt you can get, if your are doing a dark beer or stout you could use a Dark Dry Malt for sightly darker richer beer. If you used it in a beer and you thought the beer could do with a slightly lighter mouth feel or be a bit drier you could swap the Light Dry Malt with some Dextrose. Experimenting like this is fun and can lead to some great beers.

Try and keep the simple sugars (dextrose, white sugar, etc.) at or below 20% of the total fermentables.