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Brew day from hell!

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2 years 4 months ago #5570 by DazScott
Brew day from hell! was created by DazScott
Hi all, attempted to brew yesterday and had all sorts of issues with my Robobrew. Accidentally got some grains down the mash pipe and they burnt on the very bottom of the Robobrew, even through the bottom screen. The Robobrew gave me an E3 error and wouldn’t operate the 1900w element. I could only mash at about 55C using the 500w element and that’s it. I think it might be ok though as my SG reading was a bit over the mark. 
Anyone else burnt grains on the bottom of their Robobrew/Brewzilla before? I managed to get it all off with some steel wool but worried it will happen next time I brew. Hopefully no long term damage!


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2 years 4 months ago #5571 by Finnroo
Replied by Finnroo on topic Brew day from hell!
This may help, I had a look at the E3 on Google . Did you get a manual with a trouble shooting error page.?
It's a bugger when a brew day doesn't go well. Gash did Brew day from hell pts 1,2 and 3. It was 2:years ago. If you haven't seen it ,it may be worth a watch.
You should sort out the E3 issue before your next brew day. Hope that link helps cheers and good luck.

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Drunken Ramblings

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Fri 2 Jun - 16:22

Kit Brew Day Tomorrow, Black Rock Pale ale and number 40 larger brew enhancer by mangrove jacks. And possibly some honey. Yeast US05 ??

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Fri 22 Jul - 12:19

3 weeks into dry July and going strong, im on the homeward stretch.

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Wed 15 Jun - 13:39

If anyone has trouble logging on , clear your computer with CCleaner or similar and youll be able to log on. Cheers

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Sun 29 May - 08:09


SkidBaxter's Avatar SkidBaxter - Sat 28 May - 15:27

Brewing a familiar Dark Mild later today. (hint: Was the bastard tired? Or was he run over by a tire (tyre). No one really knows). One thing for sure. It will be a treat when done. Cheers!

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