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Spuds Wash ?

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10 years 9 months ago #516 by Dullahan Brewing
Spuds Wash ? was created by Dullahan Brewing
Ok i know you can make Poteen and Vodka from spuds but how? I would be interested in coming up with a base spirit receipe for a potatoe wash using only spuds. No grain adjuncts to get enzymes going. I realize you are talking about converting a shit load of starch first so how would you do it?

I have found amalyse enzyme powder online in a HB supply store, would that do the job> Come on you Aussie and Kiwi distillers ye must know something? This is a small experiment batch a couple of gallons at most to see if i can do it first. :woohoo:

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10 years 9 months ago #520 by Gash
Replied by Gash on topic Spuds Wash ?
I found this a while back and saved it, I havent tried it yet.

20-25kg potatoes
1kg of barley, malted and gristed
50-100g of good (Turbo/Prestige/Partymann...) yeast (hydrated)
Some fresh water

Equipment needed:
30 litre beer fermenter
A large (30-50litre) kettle (I use a milk can...)
A meat grinder (for mashing the potatoes)
A large scoop or a "wash paddle"
A hotplate with a thermostat

1. Clean all the dirt from the potatoes, (don't bother to peel them)
2. Put the potatoes in to kettle and cover them with water, bring to boil. Cook until the first ones break down -this should take about 1hr. In meanwhile hydrate the yeast and mix 1kg malt and 2litre of water (if you use homemade malt, don't dry them -it weakens the mysterious "amylathic power").
3. Pour the water out from the kettle (use mittens, be careful). Mash the potatoes in the grinder while they are hot. (If done right the mash looks like thick porridge.)
4. Put the mash to kettle (and adjust the hotplates temperature to 60C). Add 1/3 of the hydrated malt to the kettle and stir well. Wait until the temperature has dropt to 65C. Add the rest of the hydrated malt and stir in well. Let sit there for about 2 hours. Stir often. (If done right the wash should have turned flowing.)
5. Turn the hotplate off. Put the kettle in somewhere cool. When the temperature has dropped down to 25C pour to fermenter and add yeast (no nutrients needed). First carbon dioxide bubbles should rise after couple of hours; main fermenting takes about two days, ready for distilling in four days -if you have done everything as written. Result will be 7-12vol%, depending the starch level of potatoes.

This is how I do it. There are many different ways too-but there are always four steps.
1. Softening the cellular walls.
2. Mashing the potatoes.
In industrial scale steps one and two are usually done by using the HENZE-kettle, witch is basically a direct-steam heated pressure cooker (pressure is up to 8atm and the cooking time about 40min).
3. Converting the starch to maltose.
4. Fermenting.
Notice that there are only those 2L of water added to mash, no more are required because the potatoes contains ¾ of water.

P.S. If the wash is done right you should be able to distill it with a still that has an inner heating element -I have a 2kW inner (silver plated) heating element in mine.

When I asked if he needed to filter the wash before distilling it, Teemu replied .. No, no filtering required, but if want to be really sure strain trough a kitchen sive (hole size about 2mm) to get rid off the peaces of malt. The reason why grain washes burn onto the element is that they contain a lots of cellulose (like porridge). [Dry grain (rye) contains up to 40% of cellulose.] Potato wash wich is mashed well and fermented dry contains such a tiny amount of cellulose (like soup), so that it won't burn onto the element! (Fresh potatoes contains only about 14% of cellulose.) You can see this in practice -- typical ready grain wash is thick stuff like (milk) cocoa, ready potato wash is flowing like coffee. Just keep sure that the potatoes are mashed enough small bits (>0.1mm) before adding the malt.

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10 years 9 months ago #522 by Dullahan Brewing
Replied by Dullahan Brewing on topic Spuds Wash ?
Thanks for that Gash m8 and i now have it saved as well :lol: I want to see though if it can be done without using the grains there just for kicks :woohoo: Now i just gotta find a handy pot still somewhere lol :woohoo:

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Kit Brew Day Tomorrow, Black Rock Pale ale and number 40 larger brew enhancer by mangrove jacks. And possibly some honey. Yeast US05 ??

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3 weeks into dry July and going strong, im on the homeward stretch.

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Brewing a familiar Dark Mild later today. (hint: Was the bastard tired? Or was he run over by a tire (tyre). No one really knows). One thing for sure. It will be a treat when done. Cheers!

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