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Cherry Wheat Beer

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7 years 4 months ago #248 by ozale
Cherry Wheat Beer was created by ozale
This is a simple but very tasty Cherry Wheat Beer recipe;
1 x Coopers Wheat Beer can
1kg Light Dry Malt
125g Carapils Steeped
60ml Cherry essence (available from Craft Brewer QLD, see note below)
Yeast supplied with can
Heat can of extract in hot water before opening.
Add Carapils to 1 ltr of water at 70C and Steep for 30min.
Place about 2 ltrs of hot water in FV.
Add 1 kg of dry malt to FV, pick up FV and swirl until malt is dissolved.
Add can of extract, rinse can with hot water if needed.
Top up FV with cold water to 20 ltr mark.
Measure temp of wort and adjust with hot or cold water to final volume of 22 ltrs.pitching temp around 25C.
Pitch yeast and ferment as close to 18C as possible for 2 weeks.
After fermentation add 60ml of Cherry essence either to the FV by gently stirring in or to your secondary FV if bulk priming. Then bottle as normal, wait 2 weeks and enjoy a fantastic summer beer.
* Note; Cherry essence for brewing is available from Craft Brewer in Queensland Australia but check with your local home brew supplier as they may stock it. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, let me know if you brew this, cheers Ozale.

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Drunken Ramblings

joelthered - Sun 29 Mar - 14:54


richierichs3 - Mon 23 Mar - 21:59

Have you tried this and if so what do you think?

richierichs3 - Mon 23 Mar - 21:58

I just watched Dr Hansbrewery on youtube about not using no chill cubes to no chill. He leaves the wort in the brewing system and instead of transferring it to a cube he covers it with glad wrap and lid to cool down and then transfer to a fermenter.

OwenA - Thu 19 Mar - 17:44

Hey Gash, I’m currently brewing an ESB. I think my grain was milled too fine because Inseem to have more trub that I usually do? I’m thinking of racking to a secondary fermenter. When is the best time to do that please? It’s day 4 SG 1.022

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Wed 11 Mar - 16:53

Fresh hop brew day tomorrow, looking forward to it. wish me luck. cheers brewers :D

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