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4 years 7 months ago #1817 by Dullahan Brewing
Replied by Dullahan Brewing on topic Roggenbier.

Gash wrote: Yes you could store it but not for an extended period. Much better starting with a fresh starter and splitting it.

I figured as much,no point risking it when i don't have to,next vial i get i will split the starter for sure. ;)

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4 years 7 months ago #1821 by xenon
Replied by xenon on topic Roggenbier.
I have done a Hefe experiment using Wyeast 3068 (not same as original you mentioned) and M20. M20 was a lot spicier and far less banana. I preferred it over the 3068. Didn't wash the 3068 cake cause the dry yeast is affordable compared to the liquids (here at least)

Roggenbier! Hope it turns out for you.


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Drunken Ramblings

joelthered - Sun 29 Mar - 14:54


richierichs3 - Mon 23 Mar - 21:59

Have you tried this and if so what do you think?

richierichs3 - Mon 23 Mar - 21:58

I just watched Dr Hansbrewery on youtube about not using no chill cubes to no chill. He leaves the wort in the brewing system and instead of transferring it to a cube he covers it with glad wrap and lid to cool down and then transfer to a fermenter.

OwenA - Thu 19 Mar - 17:44

Hey Gash, I’m currently brewing an ESB. I think my grain was milled too fine because Inseem to have more trub that I usually do? I’m thinking of racking to a secondary fermenter. When is the best time to do that please? It’s day 4 SG 1.022

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Wed 11 Mar - 16:53

Fresh hop brew day tomorrow, looking forward to it. wish me luck. cheers brewers :D

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